A Word from our Peer Leaders

Elissa Koyuk, Juneau Douglas High School (JDHS): 

“My name is Elissa Koyuk. I joined Sources of Strength this year as a senior at Juneau-Douglas High School, and I’m glad that I was given the opportunity. We have been working towards applying the strengths in our life in different ways. Many of us participated in Reader Buddies, where we went over to Harborview Elementary School to read and learn about what it is to be a mentor. We also focused on generosity and ran a food drive that many students, inside and outside SOSt, participated in. It has been rewarding to learn about and apply our strengths both as a group and individually.”

Kelsey Marks, Yaaḵoosgé Daakahídi High School (YDHS): 

“Creating our spirit week, making workshops, hosting school events, and doing the work behind scenes is what the SoSt group does here at YDHS. We work together, creating what we can together. Our past projects in December were the talent show and our trusted adult tree. We help each other and proudly present what we have. In the talent show we had to come together even more to get things done and some of us even went on the show, with the help and encouragement from some friends. Each advisory took one of the sources of strength and found a creative way to present it to the school. With the tree of trust, the school created a list of people they looked up to, respected, and obviously trusted as mentors. Then those names where hung like ornaments on a tree in the Learning Center so anyone who came through could see who were some mentors in the school.”