Sources of Strength uses peer leaders, in combination with adult advisors, to create a positive cultural change. Peers leaders are a key part of Sources of Strengths’ success because they will likely be aware of friends or other classmates who are struggling emotionally much sooner than most caring adults.

Here’s what we know: When we can get peer leaders like yourself, working together with some caring adults, it can help many students feel better and save lives. If the adults try to do it alone – it falls flat.

What we would like from you is a bit of your time, energy, and creativity. The first phase would be to participate in a 4-5 hour interactive Sources of Strength training (during school hours) with very little lecture, but lots of debate, discussion, and challenging activities. If you then chose to continue you would be involved in about 25-30 hours of peer prevention activities throughout the school year. You will have a say in the prevention activities that you are involved in based on what works best for you and your interests.

This project is generally described as fun, interesting, energetic and strength-based, rather than depressing. Between your knowledge of your peers and our knowledge of prevention we believe we can put our heads together and create a truly great effort. We don’t plan to change you or make you junior psychiatrists, we just want you to be yourself and use the connections and strengths you already have to help keep teens safe.

Want to learn more about the program? Watch the video below that captures the spirit of Sources of Strength. It was created from the JDHS training in the fall of 2015.

Peer Leader Guide